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Aerospace, Defense & Security

In the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors, rapid technological advancements and geopolitical shifts are reshaping executive search strategies.


Impacted by everything from geopolitical and economic fluctuations to technology breakthroughs to labor and supply disruptions, the Aerospace and Defense, industry has entered a pivotal era.

These increasingly dynamic forces demand organizations be agile, forward-thinking, and innovative in their approaches. As global economic and security landscapes become increasingly intertwined, the expectations for this industry to protect lives, pioneer new frontiers, and compete on efficiency grows exponentially. The weight of these responsibilities underscores the need for leaders capable of guiding the sector towards sustainable growth while navigating their organizations through an ever-changing global environment.

With trusted industry expertise, experience, and relationships, Odgers Berndtson has positioned itself at the forefront of executive search and leadership advisory services tailored to the Aerospace and Defense industry. Our team’s reputation for identifying and engaging top-level executive talent that out-performs is unmatched by our peers. By partnering with Odgers Berndtson, organizations gain access to a global network of exceptional and diverse candidates and benefit from our seasoned expertise in aligning leadership talent with the unique challenges of this critical industry.

How we help our clients

From aircraft manufacturing to advanced technology and space exploration, we have helped clients across the spectrum of Aerospace, Defense, & Security.


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