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Organization Culture

A positive culture can give organizations a huge competitive advantage – a ‘cultural premium’ that is very hard for competitors to copy.

Organizational culture is massively powerful, defining and shaping the way individuals behave through shared values, expectations, and practices. And when the required culture is defined by leaders and proactively communicated and embedded into an organization’s ways of working, it can positively impact employee perceptions, behaviors and understanding.

However, as suggested by Peter Drucker’s famous quote – “culture eats strategy for lunch” – much of the research that’s been reported in books and journals over the years has spoken negatively to how culture can derail strategy and execution.

Instead, we focus on how best harness the power of culture to accelerate the achievement of desired organizational outcomes – from productivity and growth, through innovation and inclusion, to regulatory compliance to sustainability.

To help our clients achieve this, we apply a combination of well-proven science and our extensive, global human capital experience to unlock the power of culture to drive the achievement of key organizational outcomes.

We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of clients, blending qualitative and quantitative methodologies to optimize impact within the required timescale and budget. These methods range from a ‘traditional’ interview and workshop-based approach where employee and leadership engagement are a primary consideration, through to the latest AI-driven behavioral modeling tools where there are significant performance or compliance issues to be addressed and reported to stakeholders.

Whatever mix of methodologies we use, our objective is the same – to partner in a process which creates a cultural acceleration roadmap for the organization, and an Activation process which brings the new culture to life in a way which makes the biggest difference in the shortest time. 

Our work is tailored to the specific needs of every organization we work with and can include:

  • A communication plan to reinforce organizational self-belief and engage employees with the new ways of working.

  • Reimagining performance management into a performance motivation philosophy – inspiring great performance every day.

  • Changing from organization design to greater agility by an approach we call organization dynamics – creating more agile and responsive business.

  • Moving from a narrowly focused talent management approach to mapping and optimizing a wider talent ecosystem.

  • Looking at the shift from culture fit to culture add in recruitment.

  • Building a future focused leadership framework and development curriculum which inspires employees.

  • Creating change motivation – building capabilities and change readiness through a Change Acceleration Office.

We would love to explore how cultural acceleration can drive the outcomes your organization needs to achieve. In doing so, we aim to live up to our name – thinking differently about the best possible ways to shake things up and move things forward.


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