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In an era of evolving threats and digital transformation, we recruit executives who can lead the Security industry in safeguarding our critical infrastructure, assets, and information against myriad risks.

The Security subsector is at the forefront of global concerns, involving the development of solutions to safeguard critical infrastructure, assets, and information.

In today's digital age, coupled with real-world geopolitical tensions, the industry has never been more essential. From cybersecurity measures that protect against online threats to physical security systems ensuring the safety of facilities and personnel, companies operating in this realm grapple with evolving challenges daily, necessitating adaptable strategies that can address the broad spectrum of threats impacting industries and governments.

In this complex and ever-shifting landscape, Odgers Berndtson serves as a trusted executive search partner for organizations seeking outstanding talent to lead their security initiatives. Whether an organization requires leadership in cybersecurity strategy or oversight of physical security measures, Odgers Berndtson's rigorous executive search and advisory methodologies ensure that companies are paired with leaders primed to safeguard their most valuable assets.


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