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Aircraft Services & MRO

Recruiting executives who can ensure both safety and cost-effectiveness has become a pivotal challenge for the Aircraft Services and MRO sector.

The demand for air travel is growing while, at the same time, there remains a need to ensure the availability of aircraft in austere environments.

A critical part of the Aerospace and Defense supply chain, Aircraft Services and MRO encompass the critical processes of maintaining, repairing, and upgrading aircraft to ensure their safe and efficient operation and extend lifespan. Leadership in the MRO subsector now requires global reach and incorporation of advanced technologies that collect usage data and support predictive maintenance. These factors are shifting the profile of executive leadership in this space.

Odgers Berndtson understands the nuances and demands of this subsector and is committed to recruiting and coaching its next generation of executives. Leveraging a deep and global understanding of the industry and its complexities, Odgers Berndtson has built an impressive track record for recruiting and developing executives for this evolving landscape.


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