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Diversity Dilemmas Newsletter - Issue #1

Catch up on the first issue of our monthly Diversity Dilemmas Newsletter here.

Welcome to the first newsletter from Inclusion and Diversity Consulting by Odgers Berndtson. We help clients become demonstrably more inclusive, through advisory, data analytics, and upskilling services.

This is a newsletter a bit different from the norm, we want to focus on sharing with you creative solutions and ideas to solve your organization's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Dilemmas.

Our first issue focuses on data. How to effectively gather diversity data from both an employee, and client perspective. These ideas come from UK based E, D&I professionals at our Diversity Dilemmas events.

Dilemma 1 - Capturing Client Data

A housing organisation want to capture client protected characteristics data to improve the level of service to their residents. For example, if there is a person with a physical disability, they can provide a stair lift.



Dilemma 2 - Capturing Employee Data

A professional services organisation wants to reach 100% employee disclosure data, they are currently at 85%. How can they gain the 15% of employees who have not disclosed? Will this be possible? How?


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Sue Johnson
Inclusion & Diversity Consulting by Odgers Berndtson is led by Sue Johnson. Sue is the former Head of I&D for the Nestle Group, and former I&D Practice Lead for PwC Switzerland.


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