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Succession Management

An active approach to succession management is critical to spot, equip, engage and retain the next generation of leadership talent who will deliver sustainable performance for Boards and key stakeholders.

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As talent departures and the shift to a new generation of leaders continue to challenge organisations, getting succession right for key leadership roles has never been more critical.

Particularly at the CEO level, succession planning for the C-Suite position opens the door for a unique conversation about the future of the organisation and the quality of leadership needed further down the organisation to sustain future success and high performance.

Done properly, the succession planning process for the C-suite level can propel and elevate the performance of the organisation, strengthening the alignment between the board, key stakeholders and the executive team. Without proper consideration, it can create confusion and misdirection across the organisation and unravel the ties that provide coherent, strong leadership across the senior team, CEO and Board.

As a partner to the CPO/CHRO we:

  1. Use our LeaderFit assessments to provide independent benchmarks and assess the potential of the internal executive pipeline to validate the internal talent maps;
  2. Validate the succession benchstrength behind C-Suite positions determining readiness, retention risks and gaps;
  3. Develop succession plans for the C-Suite as a whole and co-create development plans with each individual which also define line manager and organisational support;
  4. Deliver cohort and individual development (i.e. 3-D Growth programmes, Executive Growth coaching); and
  5. Offer LeaderFit Impact surveys to track the success of the investment by the individual and their line manager.

As partners our experts combine their market knowledge, data profiling, interviews, 360 feedback and development interventions to provide the active attention and information that underpins best-in-class succession management.


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