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Winning in Asia Pacific: The American Way

What makes American companies formidable opponents to win talent in Asia?

In this insightful study, we partnered with the American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (AmCham) to interview with APAC business leaders of the largest US companies across Asia including Twitter, HP, Mattel, Pfizer and Kimberly-Clark, to understand how American companies are winning talent in the region.

Publicly available data from the top 30 US companies in APAC reveal that although most APAC country leadership roles are held by local nationals, over 60% of APAC CEO roles are held by western nationals. This prompts the question, “but why aren’t more Asian nationals in the top jobs?”. 

What are US companies doing to attract, develop and retain the next generation of leaders from Asia?

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"Fundamental U.S. values like hard-work, creativity, diversity, and confidence are foundational assets in the everchanging requirements for attracting the absolute best talent worldwide. It’s great to see the work of AmCham and Odgers Berndtson provide concrete U.S success stories as the Asia Pacific region wrestles with this important strategic issue."

- Mr. Jonathan Kaplan
United States Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore

Through our interviews, we will address such questions by covering the following topics:

  • Understanding and defining the unique cultural traits of US companies
  • Implications of US company culture on talent development among Asian nationals
  • Actions which US companies can apply to build leadership capabilities in Asia

Odgers Berndtson & AmCham Singapore in Conversation

Following the launch of our Winning in Asia Pacific whitepaper, Kenny Chen, Principal of Odgers Berndtson Southeast Asia, sat down with Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei, CEO of The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham Singapore), to discuss how the culture of American companies can keep them thriving in Asia, in what is an increasingly complex environment.
Hear Hsien-Hsien and Kenny discuss how:

  • The positive culture of US companies keeps them looking toward the future and innovating, even during tough times.
  • Working with partners such as AmCham can amplify a company’s position in the APAC marketplace.


For more information, please contact Alasdair Spink, Head of the Industrial Practice for APAC and Managing Partner, Southeast Asia. 

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