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Private Sector Leader? Why You Should Serve a Term in the Public Sector

Private sector executives should be incorporating the public sector into their career plan as Anna Dickinson, Consultant in our Central Government Practice explores.

Anna Dickinson was featured in the Global Banking & Finance Review, discussing the benefits of incorporating a public sector role into a private sector executive's career plan in earlier stages than usual. 

Usually a final role before retirement or one that an executive will attempt after achieving all they wanted to in the private sector, Anna highlights the advantages that a public sector role can bring to your skillset during your career development as opposed to at the end of the career. 

"Serving for a fixed period before transitioning back into the private sector, provides the opportunity to nurture a distinct skillset and gain the sort of experience which can significantly enhance an executive’s career trajectory upon returning to the private sector."

Anna discusses the different challenges that a private sector role may pose, which are often more complex than a set of commercial objectives in a private organisation, and require rigorous governance, complex problem solving, and the ability to lead through influence rather than direct action.  

Read the full article from the Global Banking & Finance Review by clicking below.

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