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Completing the leadership picture

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Senior leaders face an ever-increasing burden of uncertainty, so over the past 12 months we have worked on an evaluation tool to ensure they are truly fit for the future.

Testing a leader’s mindset, attitudes, and understanding their potential has always been measured to understand whether a leader has what it takes to succeed. This accounts for 60% of the picture, so what else?

Research tells us that experience indeed determines at least 40% of a leader’s future performance. But can experience and accumulated expertise be measured in a systematic and structured way?

We think so.

In this white paper, we explain how we turned an understanding of experience into a tool to evaluate leaders to ensure they are equipped to successfully navigate a rapidly-changing world.

Our structured, multi-dimensional view of experience, coupled with our LeaderFitTM Competency Model as well as insights into a leader’s drive and motivation, offer companies a much more complete picture and enhanced prediction of leadership success.

Based on interviews with CEOs, professors, futurists, and other subject matter experts as well as survey results from nearly 500 business leaders, we identified 11 dimensions of experience that will differentiate the successful from unsuccessful leaders of the future. Download the white paper to discover what they are.

Completing the leadership picture

An evaluation tool to ensure leaders are fit for the future.


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