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Tristan Nelson

Senior Associate


Tristan Nelson, a Senior Associate in the Washington D.C., office of Odgers Berndtson, brings a unique blend of analytical skills, detail-orientation, and creativity to his focus on helping not-for-profit organizations secure leading talent. Tristan's approach is marked by his ability to attract and retain leaders across various levels, from the Board to the Executive Suite to general management.

Before joining Odgers Berndtson, Tristan served as a Special Agent with the U.S. Capitol Police, assigned to the House Speaker’s Security Detail. In this high-stakes role, he provided security for both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Speaker Paul Ryan. 

Tristan's early career was rooted in Accounting, where he worked as a civilian with the U.S. Army. His natural proficiency with numbers and analytics was complemented by a people-centric perspective, leading him to a rewarding career in law enforcement. In these roles, Tristan honed his soft skills and demonstrated his ability to excel in challenging situations, showcasing his versatility across diverse career paths.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Mount St. Mary's University and an MBA in Finance from Johns Hopkins University. His educational background spans Accounting, Finance, Economics, and International Relations, underlining his commitment to lifelong learning and academic excellence. 

Beyond his career commitments, Tristan values creativity as a crucial aspect of his professional and personal life. He believes in the power of creative thinking to improve processes, enhance satisfaction and efficiency, and produce impactful results in any work environment.

Tristan is characterized by his eagerness to learn, readiness to face challenges, and unwavering optimism. His Top Secret/SCI clearance with the United States Federal Government further underscores his trustworthiness and capability in handling sensitive and critical roles. His diverse experiences, dynamic skill set, and commitment to creativity significantly and uniquely benefit the organizations and leaders he works with.

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