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Uruguay is one of the most business-friendly countries in Latin America. With a 3.5 million population, Uruguay is one of the most evenly distributed income in Latin America resulting in one of the largest middle class in Latin America on a per capita basis. An institutionally stable democratic country with strong rule of law and a commitment to international agreements and norms. Due to its beneficial customs regimes with Mercosur and its strategic location between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay serves as a regional distribution platform through its free trade zones.

Uruguay has rich agricultural land and is almost devoted to livestock breeding, there is also a significant mining industry in the country. Agriculture and animal food processing account for half of the industrial activity. Additionally, Uruguay has recently invested heavily in the paper industry, which is expanding.

The growing importance of exports of services from Uruguay is based on some key sectors that have taken advantage of the country's advantages for the development of their businesses. These include Business Services, Trade & Trading, Software & ITO, Financial Services and Creative Services.

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