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Argentina is one of the largest economies in Latin America, with abundant natural resources. It has a vast territory of 2.8 million square kilometers and a population of 45 million.

The country has extraordinarily fertile agricultural lands, being crops the major Argentinian exports, and significant gas and lithium reserves. Argentina is self-sufficient in conventional energy and has enormous potential in renewable energy too. Also is a leading country in food processing, with large-scale industries in the agribusiness and livestock sectors, such as bovine, swine & poultry. It has great opportunities in some manufacturing subsectors and in the innovative high-tech services sector.

Argentina is part of Mercosur (The Southern Common Market,) which is a regional integration process, initially established by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay,

Its membership in Mercosur has been one of the main factors driving industrial exports as it has expanded access to existing markets and opened new markets. Among the main industries in Argentina are food processing; beverages and tobacco products; motor vehicles and auto parts; textiles and leather; refinery products and biodiesel; steel, aluminum and iron; industrial and farm machinery; home appliances and furniture; plastics and tires; glass and cement; and recording and print media.

The nation also has a growing chemical industry and pharmaceuticals. In addition, Argentina has since long been one of the top five wine-producing countries in the world.

The service sector in Argentina's economy is diversified and  includes well-developed social, corporate, financial, insurance, real estate, transport, communication services, and tourism.

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