Taking the corporate pulse on Brexit

09 Jul 2018

Taking the corporate pulse on Brexit

Whilst the terms of Brexit remain unclear, the impact for business has already been felt. Our report gathers views and insights from across borders and sectors to shed light on this dramatic challenge to the way business is done.

As a leader in global executive search, Odgers Berndtson is close to top executives in almost thirty countries, across all functions and sectors. In the final countdown to Brexit, we have distilled our daily conversations about their companies and people into a number of personal perspectives from some of our most senior people.

The result is an original report that has taken the pulse of corporate leaders on one of the most far-reaching business challenges of our time and offers a number of valuable insights and predictions. The report is called ‘Brexit, Business Leaders and Investment’.

Wider threats and challenges

Whilst Brexit is the focus of the report, we don’t ignore the wider threats to the freedom of global market access, not least the effects of USA trade tariffs and the prospect of reciprocal action. And despite uncertainty, a couple of things come through clearly: businesses are resolutely global, and are in a race to realise the potential of new technology.

In the report we cover:

  • How Boards of top UK companies have grown more international.
  • Why we believe the onward march of digital automation is a bigger threat to the number of jobs in the City than Brexit.
  • What’s worrying senior German executives about Brexit.
  • Why Brexit and Trump have combined to create a perfect storm of uncertainty for Ireland.
  • The view from Brussels. And the new face of lobbying.
  • Why the UK’s status as the European tech hub could be in question.
  • The future of post-Brexit University research collaborations in Europe.
  • The ‘Brexit effect’ on the rise of independent professional working.

‘Brexit, Business Leaders and Investment’ is a major report from Odgers Berndtson. As leaders in global executive search, across multiple functions and sectors, it offers a unique perspective that comes from being close to top executives in almost 30 countries.

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