Why Your 2022 Talent Acquisition Strategy Should Start with Assessments

17 Nov 2021

Why Your 2022 Talent Acquisition Strategy Should Start with Assessments

Throughout the pandemic, we have heard lots about “the great resignation” and unprecedented levels of mass turnover. Many have attributed turnover numbers to the destabilizing impacts of the pandemic, remote work opportunities, and shifting organizational priorities; however, Odgers Berndtson’s data shows that this mass turnover was already beginning before the onset of the pandemic. It has its own causes and trajectory outside of the changes brought about by COVID-19 and, in fact, we believe it will continue to rise as the pandemic fades

So, how should company leaders handle what is likely to be an ongoing high turnover trend?

Building acquisition and retention strategies that will help your organization emerge stronger and better equipped, starts with understanding your existing culture and the ways you want or need to change it. This can be done through scientifically-proven assessments.

At Odgers Berndtson, we see these waves of turnover as creating two opportunities, if you take steps to gather the right data:

Turnover is a catalyst for rethinking your talent and executive search strategies.

If you’ve experienced high turnover, you’re not alone, but don’t be caught unaware in the new year. Now is the time to begin refreshing your retention and hiring strategies for 2022. Spend some time now thinking about what your leadership needs are going forward, based on your company’s strategic plan.

Questions companies should be asking during this time, and which can be measured through assessments are:

  • What are our organizational strengths and weaknesses? How does our organization want to shift or alter our culture to meet these goals?
  • What qualities will we look for in candidates, new hires, and adds to our management team?
  • Based on these goals, should we be hiring for culture fit (contributing to the path we are already on), or culture add (helping us pivot or grow)?

Turnover creates openings for fresh talent that can drive and support your executive team structure and success.

In the scramble that high turnover can bring, this can be an oft overlooked opportunity. We’re willing to bet your business has had to adapt, pivot or make changes to operations and strategies over the past couple of years. If so, your leadership team may also need to look different than it has in the past.

Assessments help you explore potential opportunities by uncovering the key strengths or gaps your current leadership team may have, and then informing how new hires might fit or fill these gaps. Assessments help to evaluate prospective hires in the context of your existing team and strategy, for instance:

  • How do they contribute to our current or desired team structure?
  • Do they bring skills and experience that enhance our current leadership group?
  • Do they fill specific, existing gaps and raise the overall bar?

As a leader in charge of hiring or executing on a strategy, turnover offers a true strategic opportunity to create stronger teams, leadership, and company culture. If you ask the right questions, utilize candidate and team assessments, and are thoughtful with executive search strategies, you have the opportunity to thrive during ongoing turnover trends.

Want to learn more about using assessments for your organization? Reach out to our team.