Message from Steve Potter

Organizations of every size and sector depend on talented individuals, teams, and leaders to succeed, grow, and realize their purpose. Odgers Berndtson’s strength lie in the partnerships we develop to address our clients’ needs.

We form deep, lasting relationships with the most talented people and those organizations seeking to bring the best leaders, human capital solutions, and leadership services to our clients.

We have been privileged in supporting our clients and candidates throughout this pandemic and will continue to do so as they reset their businesses to forge ahead into the future. The need for wise, diverse and dynamic leadership is greater than ever. As a global organization, we bring a wealth of intelligence from all sectors of the economy, functions, and geographies, and as part of our commitment to those we work with, we will continue to share this knowledge with our clients and candidates through regular webinars, C-Suite gatherings, global insight articles, and our OBSERVE magazine content.

We aim to lead by example, investing in our country and communities. When Covid 19 first hit the United States, we employed our new artificial intelligence (AI) platform and database of 1 billion professionals globally to identify almost every healthcare worker in America – some 15 million people. We then worked with many of the hardest hit states and localities to identify and contact thousands of doctors and nurses willing to move to critical care epicenters like New York City and Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help with the overloaded hospital systems.

We also believe we have an important role to play in bringing about a world where inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and acceptance are a minimum expectation of companies, organizations, and their leaders- We will use our global voice and network to help bring about equality and social justice however we can. Find out about our commitment to inclusion and diversity.

We look forward to working with you and being a part of your success!

Steve Potter


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