10 compelling reasons for using a search firm to hire leaders

11 Sep 2019

10 compelling reasons for using a search firm to hire leaders

Why retain an executive search firm? There are many reasons, but we have pinpointed the ten most important here.

  1. Leadership. Top executive search firms have a solid grasp of the special qualities required to fill C-suite positions and other senior leadership roles.
  2. Advice. Clients can tap into in-depth recruitment market and sector-specific knowledge to help define their hiring strategy.
  3. Discretion. Approaching executives who are still in position elsewhere, particularly if they work for a direct competitor or a company with which you do business, calls for sensitivity and discretion. The best executive search consultants exercise these traits every day.
  4. Reputation. A respected name opens doors. Busy potential candidates will respond to overtures from a leading firm.
  5. Network. Consultants at top executive search firms have carefully cultivated a wide network of senior-level contacts, and have a global reach too. That means unparalleled access to the best talent, wherever it is.
  6. Diversity and Inclusion. A breadth of talent, opinion, background, judgement and experience enables companies to challenge existing thinking and gain competitive advantage. Leading search firms are always mindful of diversity and inclusion when compiling lists of candidates.
  7. Specialisation. Consultants at leading search firms are experts in their field, able to apply deep, industry-specific knowledge to identifying and attracting the individuals you need.
  8. Capacity. Do you really have both the skills and time to run this process internally, including ploughing through piles of CVs (many, if not all of which, may be wide of the mark)? Thought not.
  9. Pinpointing. Some roles are highly specialized and can only be filled by candidates with a rare combination of skills. An executive search firm will track these people down.
  10. Sustained impact. Retained executive search firms focus on top talent and judge success not only on whether they place a candidate but also on the length of time they spend in the role and their overall effectiveness.

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