South Africa Leadership Diversity Report 2022

13 Sep 2022

South Africa Leadership Diversity Report 2022

The Odgers Berndtson South Africa Leadership Diversity Report 2022, explores perceptions of diversity and inclusion in South African organisations and how the country measures up on a global stage.

The report, delivered in partnership with the Institute of Directors in South Africa, also focuses on hiring practices and how to attract and retain top diverse talent through fair, non-biased recruitment. Lastly, we offer practical recommendations and supportive initiatives to assist organisations in creating a culture of sustainable and inclusive diversity and to accelerate I&D progress.

Not surprisingly, the survey responses show that diversity begets diversity – diverse organisations are more likely to seek diverse hires at leadership and board level and that these organisations are more likely to prioritise and escalate their transformation efforts, through dedicated I&D committees and targets. It is clear that both boards and executives need to focus on more deliberate diversification that goes beyond a tick-box exercise.

When done correctly, diversity is a powerful tool that can catalyse meaningful social change and give an organisation a significant competitive edge. It boosts cultural awareness, inclusivity, profitability, and competitiveness, bolstering both social and financial returns.

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South Africa Leadership Diversity Report 2022

Is inclusion and diversity more than just a scorecard exercise? Find out if organisations have taken transformation on as a deep, deliberate commitment in our report.


We would like to thank Vikeshni Vandayar, Executive: Governance and Corporate Services, IoDSAAnsie Ramalho, Chair King Committee on Corporate Governance for South Africa, and Dionne Kerr, Founder and CEO Siyakha Consulting, for their contributions to this report. 

How Odgers Berndtson can help

Odgers Berndtson is an established global executive search firm with extensive networks of diverse leadership talent spanning multiple sectors and functions. By working with Odgers Berndtson, organisations gain access to these networks in their search for diverse leaders.

We have a proven track record of providing I&D-optimal long and short lists, which positions organisations to appoint a diverse leadership candidate. We understand how to adapt the search process to make roles attractive to a wider pool of candidates and we offer psychometric testing to help eliminate bias from the hiring process. Our specialists can also advise on how to implement robust mentoring and coaching programmes to ensure strong succession planning at leadership level.

We cover every level of the leadership spectrum, helping to fill crucial gaps to deliver transformation expertise. Our ability to meet every requirement in the leadership structure means we work with a range of organisations globally. The relationships we have with leading organisations at the forefront of tackling inclusion and diversity means we have access to knowledge and expertise that can be shared with those who work with us. Transformation is something we care about deeply; we know Inclusion and Diversity is key to building a better South Africa for the next generation to inherit.

Download the report and read more on Odgers Berndtson’s commitment and our call to action on inclusion & diversity.

To discuss your organisational needs around diverse leadership, please contact Lauren van Halderen, Chania Stempowski, or get in touch with us here.

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