Rebus - Balance the Board is back and in person

14 Jul 2022

Rebus - Balance the Board is back and in person

A sneak peek into the Rebus - Balance the Board Mentoring Programme event held at Google's wonderful London office.

"As women, our careers face different twists and turns than men. Women need to have great role models and great support through mentoring, women who can show them how they’ve navigated their careers and people who will be our allies, that’s why mentoring is so important for women." - Rebus Mentor Jane Gibbon, CPO, London Business School.

Our Mentors and Mentees share why they think mentoring is so important in this short video, with a sneak peek of the brilliant event held at Google’s London office: 

There was an amazing energy in the room and a real sense of purpose from both the inspiring Mentors and fantastic Mentees. We are excited to see where this cohort will go and the new connections made in our ongoing quest to balance the Board. 

Our thanks to the Mentors: Adam Palser, Jane Gibbon, Jessica OppetitKaila YatesKathryn Whyte-SouthcombeLana Tahirly, AbdullayevaMartin PrendergastNitu KaushalPaul ClarkRuth RowanShweta Sharma, Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE DL Fellows RSA RA, S.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Hugh Dickerson, Senior Industry Head at Google.

What is Rebus?

Rebus is a technology and mentoring network of passionate and experienced leaders forged from a variety of backgrounds, brought together to actively support and champion the progression of diversity within the UK’s Executive and Non-Executive Boards. Visit our Rebus page to find out more:



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