Welcome to OBSERVE Magazine Issue 15

16 Oct 2018

Welcome to OBSERVE Magazine Issue 15

A special issue dedicated to talent and potential

Some have titled it the ‘War for Talent’. There is little doubt that the global competition to secure the finest talent and nurture human potential has never been more important. It’s a vast subject, with a complex, ever-changing matrix of issues that need addressing.

In some sectors, like FinTech and cybersecurity, simply securing excellent talent is a very real problem. In contrast, in sectors where talent is more abundant, the question is rather different: how do we find the one amongst the many?

And, of course, finding talent is only one side of the coin. Once we have it on the payroll, how do we ensure that an individual’s true potential is released?
It’s to explore those kinds of questions that we’ve devoted a whole issue of our Observe magazine to the subject of talent and potential.


New perspectives, important topics

We cover a lot of ground in Observe 15, and here’s a taster.

  • Succession planning and the best way to create an overarching talent plan.
  • Recruiting successfully from Gen Y (and Z). (And keeping them.)
  • How to identify the high-potential people in your own organisation. And what to do with them.
  • Why there aren’t more LGBTQ+ people at executive and board level, and how do we change that?
  • How three different faiths have gone about their search for ‘talent’.
  • Are business schools, universities and other higher learning institutions preparing the next generation of leaders in the right way?
  • How to cultivate a digitally relevant leadership model in a world of rapid, fundamental change.
  • The world of tech boot-camps and the digital-savvy leaders they’re producing.
  • As sport expands onto a more digital playing field, where will the leading disruptors come from?

We think you’ll find plenty of engaging questions (and answers), expert comment and thoughtful analysis in Observe 15.

Talent and potential is really our lifeblood at Odgers Berndtson, so it’s a subject we know in more depth and subtlety than any other. In this issue of Observe magazine, we think you’ll agree, it definitely shows.

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