Balance the board

11 Mar 2021

Balance the board

Rebus, our women in Technology mentoring programme, is challenging the sector to achieve gender parity.

For International Women’s Day this year, Katie Sharpe who Chairs Rebus, asked four business leaders to share their own personal experience of a time when they chose to challenge.

Below we share the stories of four remarkable women:

  • Susan Bowen, CEO and President, Aptum Technologies
  • Gemma Godfrey, Non-Executive Director, Chair & Serial Entrepreneur
  • Erin Platts, Head of EMEA & President of the UK Branch at Silicon Valley Bank
  • Anna Gatti, NED,, Intesa Sanpaolo & WiZink

Each experience is unique but shows the impact of what can be achieved when women are given an equal voice.


Rebus aims to:

  • Balance the board of the UK’s Technology sector
  • Equip high potential diverse leaders with senior executive mentors who give informal advice, support and guidance
  • Empower women to achieve Board level career ambitions
“Rebus is something I believe in, I have benefitted in mentoring myself. I hope I can help another woman to rise.” Anna Gatti, NED

What does Rebus do?

Hosts speed dating 1-2-1 virtual events with mentors and mentees. These events help establish chemistry between attendees, which is followed by informal mentor pairings and networking relationships.

If you would like to find out more about Rebus and attend the next event, please get in touch with Katie Sharpe.