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Unlimited is our philosophy, our commitment and our call to action on Inclusion & Diversity.

Odgers Berndtson Inclusion Diversity Executive Search HeroWe are committed to advancing Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) in Odgers Berndtson and the world at large.

The UK Leadership Diversity Report 2021
Delivered in partnership with BoardEx, this report highlights how companies with strong diversity on their Boards and leadership teams hire candidates from underrepresented groups. 

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Read our latest Odgers Berndtson I&D report: Unlimited in Action
Click here for an accessible version of the report.

We are proud of our track record. In 2022, for the fifth year running, we reached gender parity in our placements. Read about our work in reading gender parity with FTSE 350 companies in 2021. This follows 54% of Senior board appointments being female the previous year, two-thirds of which were taking a FTSE 350 role for the first time. 

Read our dedicated I&D Insights: Diversity Matters

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What we believe in

At Odgers Berndtson, we will always strive for a world of inclusion, diversity, tolerance and acceptance.
Inclusion and diversity is hardwired into our business and, as such, we have made commitments in two areas.

Odgers Berndtson Inclusion Diversity Executive Search Hero


The first is to create an inclusive culture and working environment where everyone has a sense of belonging and ensures equal opportunities, remuneration, and conditions.

The second is to act on our unique responsibility. As one of the world’s leading executive search firms, we are committed to using our global voice and network to change social inequality and injustice for good. We aim to help our clients address their diversity challenges through more inclusive search, and aim to create a more equal playing field for all emerging and aspiring leaders around the world. 
Read more in our latest I&D Report: Unlimited in Action.
Click here for an accessible version of the report.

Meaningful change takes time. At Odgers Berndtson, we are committed to the journey.

How we're doing it

Odgers Berndtson Inclusion Diversity Executive Search HeroWe have and will always stand with and support the inclusion of our colleagues, candidates and clients and are committed to improving the level of diversity in all its forms within Odgers Berndtson. To this end, we launched Unlimited – a programme of initiatives that embody our philosophy and our commitments to inclusion and diversity.

Odgers Berndtson Inclusion Diversity Executive Search Hero

Externally, Unlimited is our approach with clients and how, by working with them, we aim to shape the future of leadership into a more diverse field. We challenge our clients to consider each role's parameters and actively engage with the broadest range of candidates so that we access the most diverse talent pool and recruit the best people. Get in touch with our I&D consultancy practice here.

Internally, it includes our Allies – The Allies programme was created as a means by which to ensure our unique ‘Unlimited’ culture is upheld and resonates across our geographic locations.

Allies are self-nominated individuals who believe all colleagues should experience equality, fairness, and dignity at work and ensure we actively improve in all areas of inclusion, diversity, equity and access. These groups are (though not limited to) Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Disabilities, Mental Health, Menopause, Social Mobility, LGBTQ+ and Neurodiversity.

To find out more about our global Unlimited Festival, an annual week-long event held to educate, celebrate our differences and showcase our commitment to inclusion and diversity - view our Observe Magazine's Unlimited article.


For Pride 2022, as we have done for many years, our LGBTQ+ ally group arranged a variety of events throughout the month that looked to celebrate and educate all things related to LGBTQ+ communities. 

We have made it an integral priority to focus on developing our I&D capabilities and have taken a number of important steps in the right direction.

Why we're doing it

Simply put, we believe helping to create fairer and more inclusive societies is not just the right thing to do but is part of our responsibility as a global executive search firm. In fact, the moral case for inclusion and diversity is so irrefutable, that we are focused on the ‘how’, not the ‘why’. Evidence of this ethos is illustrated by:

Odgers Berndtson Inclusion Diversity Executive Search Hero


Read more in our latest I&D Report: Unlimited in Action

Click here for an accessible version of the report.



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