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Is Leadership in the Industrial Sector Future Proof?


Whether from a political or business context, history has shown us the importance of leaders having the ability to adapt and evolve their style to meet the unique challenges of each crisis, challenge or period. But what leadership is needed for current and expected future business challenges? And to what extent are current Leadership teams equipped to face those challenges?  

In this whitepaper, we will give you insight into current leadership in the industrial sector. We will highlight future challenges, translate those to an ideal future leadership profile, needed to face those challenges, and analyse the extent to which the Industrial sector is ready for the future from a leadership perspective. To do so, we have conducted a survey of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CCOs and CHROs from leading industrial (B2B) companies, utilising our proprietary LeaderFit competency model, which defines the ten competencies we use to determine how successfully an executive will lead the organisation and their team, as well as respond to challenges with agility. 

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Whitepaper Industry Practice Netherlands

We give you insight into current leadership in the industrial sector.

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Originally published: 11/09/2023
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