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Software has become the most dynamic pillar of the technology sector. Well-funded start-ups compete with established industry icons in a constant innovation race to provide transformational impact.


Software disrupts itself, in a constant loop. It is all-encompassing, with applications helping businesses perform more efficiently. Software covers everything from data analytics to cyber and from AI to augmented reality. These applications are the engine that power the sector.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform providers have changed the consumption model forever and with new solutions entering the market daily, the disrupters quickly become the disrupted.

For early-stage software start-ups, agility remains one of their greatest assets. For more established firms, it is their size, scale and longevity. The tech giants must also continue to innovate and stay relevant to compete head-on for the most important asset: agile leaders who can evolve the business and win market share.

Our Technology & IT Services Practice partners with software and cloud providers across the globe to secure innovative and passionate leaders from go-to-market, product and technical leadership.


At Odgers Berndtson, we strive to fill executive positions with the most qualified professionals.

To express your interest, we kindly request you to send your CV and, if possible, a cover letter to info.nl@odgersberndtson.com. In the cover letter, you can specify the type of positions you are seeking and the sectors you are interested in.

Our consultants will carefully review your application and add your details to our database.

For more information, you can also directly contact our local office.

Visit our opportunities page to browse our publicly-advertised roles and submit your CV.

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