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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting

We have extensive expertise in various areas, serve different market segments, and address a wide range of topics. Below is a list of themes we specialize in.

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How we help our clients

We help organisations in the field of DE&I.

At Odgers Berndtson, we are committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. With internal events, the annual Unlimited Festival, and ongoing DE&I upskilling programs, these are examples where we continuously challenge ourselves and strive for DE&I within our organization. However, we realize that there is always more that can be done.

Cultural change requires conscious action at the organizational, leadership, and individual levels. We understand this and offer targeted solutions to help you start, accelerate, or refresh your DE&I journey.

We believe in a five-step approach to becoming inclusive and diverse, a method that has helped countless companies achieve their goals. Read more about this approach here.

Our DE&I services:

All our DE&I services are delivered by professionals.

We provide advice on:

- Tailored DE&I advice and strategy expertise.
- Strategy development and coaching at board and executive levels.
- Availability of a dedicated DE&I expert for flexible support.
- Development of KPI and Governance models.
- Assessments of HR policies and practices for systemic biases.
- SME for panels/events.
- "Outside-in" competitor benchmarking.


- Interactive workshops on essential DE&I topics for all employees.
- Leadership training in DE&I, including effective collaboration and leading diverse teams.
- In-depth training on specific topics such as inclusive hiring, presentations, and communication.


- Transforming insights into impactful actions.
- Mapping organizational structure, culture, and barriers.
- Developing a tailored DE&I business case.
- Strategy & policy (maturity).
- Identifying potential behavioral biases.
- Predictive personnel analytics.

Why Odgers Berndtson:

Our DE&I Practice is delivered by team members with global experience in I&D roles. Action-oriented, interactive, and memorable - we offer a fact-based combined approach to help your organization become more inclusive and diverse.


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