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How to build effective leadership teams in private equity

Now, more than ever, an optimal fit between leaders and their environment forms a key to success. A competency forecast can be leveraged to transform teams effectively.

Curious how optimal alignment can cement your leadership foundation? Read on to find the newest insights on building leadership teams that perform.

In private equity (PE) decisions have to be made fast, demanding a predictable value adding business approach. Due to current financial challenges and lacking growth results, the current focus of investment directors shifts towards portfolio and (team) performance. Earlier research revealed that 71% of respondents marked the leadership team as most important factor for a successful exit. CEO and CFO form a dynamic duo, often regarded as the most important link in the chain.

Insight in the strengths and weaknesses of the CFO improves CEO-CFO alignment and increases individual and overall leadership team success.

Odgers Berndtson Netherlands conducted a quantitative competency-based survey to provide insights on CFO, CEO and team dynamics in a private equity context. Pieter Ebeling, senior partner, and Sebijn Bunt, leadership practice consultant, share results of this survey conducted amongst 22 CFOs working at private equity owned portfolio companies, 34 CEOs working at portfolio companies and 55 CFOs without experience in private equity context. Due to their valuable role, it is essential to understand CFOs strengths and weaknesses.

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How to build effective leadership teams in private equity

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