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Organizational Excellence

Organizational Excellence Index: helping companies to identify and adopt the critical behaviors to create value sustainably


Odgers Berndtson provides a range of solutions to support our clients' organizational excellence, from helping to design organizational structures to supporting the development of organization-wide norms and behaviours that improve their capability to anticipate changing competitive conditions, inspire their associates, and ensure sound execution of business plans.

Successful organizations are characterized by their ability to build a consistent link between their mission, strategy, organizational structure, system and process, individual capabilities and culture. 


Our Organizational and Talent Consulting Practice supports companies in achieving sustainable success by ensuring the organizational dimension is a catalyst for achieving their strategic goals. 

Over the years, Odgers Berndtson has been a trusted advisor to many leading companies, collaborating with them on a wide range of projects, such as:


·         Organizational Design: Supporting the set up of the proper Organizational Structure from the Executive Committee to the lower levels of the organization in order to ensure that capabilities for today's and tomorrow's challenges are in place and the work force has the adequate size to plan and execute while doing in an efficient and agile way.


·         Organizational Excellence: Helping companies identify and adopt behaviours to create value sustainably. Odgers Berndtson's Organizational Excellence framework allows the diagnosis of companies' level of proficiency regarding critical routines around anticipating market disruptions, managing stakeholders, building outstanding talent, delivering results consistently, adjusting to change and delivering great leadership.


·         Organizational Restructuring: Assisting companies in improving their efficiency by properly sizing their operation. The focus is typically on understanding which existing activities and processes can be eliminated, reduced or automated to streamline operations and focus associates on high-value tasks.


We aim to foster agile and quality decision-making that supports top-line growth and bottom-line efficiencies. 

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