Organizational Excellence Index: helping companies to identify and adopt the critical behaviors to create value sustainably

20 Jan 2023

Organizational Excellence Index: helping companies to identify and adopt the critical behaviors to create value sustainably

To work Organizational Excellence is to promote the sustainable success of organizations. It is about proactively addressing the specific organizational behaviors that will project their organizations and its people towards long-term success

An organization's success can be explained by its ability to anticipate market trends, inspire its people, and deliver high-quality products and services to its clients.

The Odgers Berndtson's Organizational Excellence framework allows the diagnosis of the critical behaviors that companies need to adopt at the organizational level to create value for shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders.

Considering an approach that combines leadership and the organizational model with business strategy, the six dimensions of the Organizational Excellence model comprise:

• Challenging Purpose - capacity to anticipate trends and changes in the environment, define a clear purpose and vision, make decisions based on data and align the people around a common strategy, while managing its financial resources accordingly.

• Stakeholder Value – extent to which organizations are capable of creating a strong reputation in the market, deliver value to their clients and develop high-value partnerships for their business, while being socially responsible.

• Talent Management - existence of a top-performing diverse and inclusive team, with a high-level of engagement and collaboration between the people, where teams feel inspired and motivated and where employees are developed and recognized by their merit and performance.

• Consistent Delivery - capacity to consistently deliver, by setting high standards, clarifying roles, implementing efficient and optimized work processes and leverage their digital capabilities, while empowering and holding people accountable and effectively monitoring results.

• Organizational Agility - a culture of meaningful values and shared beliefs with the agility to adapt to change, in an environment of trust, openness and flexibility, where individuals can learn, improve and innovate.

• Leadership - ability to think strategically, manage stakeholders, develop and engage teams, with resilience and adaptability, while executing on a high level.

The assessment of these dimensions allows organizations to understand their strengths and critical development areas, raising suggestive actions, capable of improving organizational efficiency and performance as well as satisfaction and commitment of its employees.

Therefore, the Organizational Excellence Index portrays the reality of organizational effectiveness in Portugal, allowing organizations and their executives to identify market trends, the dimensions that most predict the success or failure of organizations, and other key management insights.


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Organizational Excellence Index

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