Recruit, lead, retain in a new world

28 Oct 2019

Recruit, lead, retain in a new world

The job market is no longer recognizable. Finding talent is a challenge. Marcus K. Reif explains how you can still be successful in recruiting.

And suddenly ten trucks loaded with toilet paper are waiting in front of the company headquarter. It was said that the company received a discount on ten pallets. The employee must have misunderstood that there will be so many rolls.

Is this anecdote a good example of how colleagues should not be given more say? Can the idea of exercising less control lead to such situations?

Marcus K. Reif und Daniel Nerlich | Odgers Berndtson

Unfortunately, we do not know how the boss reacted to this order. But instead of drawing a painful conclusion here, namely termination, Marcus K. Reif (HR expert, speaker and blogger) advises: Take a better look at how and why this faulty order could have come about. What could have been done differently, better? What can be learned from the situation? 

Everything moves

The labour market is changing. Placing an ad and waiting for the application documents to pile up on your desk no longer works. But what works?

In the coming weeks, we'll be publishing a series of eight videos designed to help you successfully recruit employees, guide and retain colleagues from different generations according to their needs.

With body and soul HR

In order to clarify these topics, we have talked to an expert on the subject. Marcus K. Reif is since 1997 an HR expert, people manager and recruiter. He has been professionally involved with the HR discipline of recruiting, which in addition to classical personnel recruitment also includes employer branding, university marketing, social media, personnel marketing, sourcing and talent management.


He has worked for Goldman Sachs, Kienbaum, Ernst & Young, Accenture, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, TMP Worldwide and Jobpilot. In the videos he shares his expertise from his many years of work experience.

You can find his blog at:

Curricula vitae and grades no longer help

In the first video next Thursday Marcus K. Reif talks about the sense and nonsense of resumes.  Are they still relevant in our time?  And, if not for CVs, how do I recruit the right people for my company?

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