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Odgers Berndtson finds a boost in confidence in business leadership

It’s two years since we released our first Leadership Confidence Index (LCI). That report, built from an extensive global survey of executives and board members, showed that confidence in leadership was severely lacking in all but 24% of organizations.

Today, the picture is very different, and leaders are perceived to be significantly better: 42% now have confidence. This is great news, but understanding why this is the case will help provide the needed focus on what is most important for boards and CEOs, as they navigate into the future.

The most fascinating aspect of this report is that we are talking about the same leaders. Over the last two years, there has been no discovery of a new and magical way of leading. The question then is: what has changed, and how do we ensure this new-found confidence in leadership continues?

The data from this survey comes from an extensive questionnaire, completed by 1,100 executives and board members from around the world. These executives come from a broad spectrum of industry sectors and organizational scale. Some of the survey questions were about simple facts (revenue, employees, growth percent, industry, etc.). The rest were subjective questions to assess every measure of effective leadership.

Ultimately, ‘confidence in leadership’ is subjective, but it is right at the heart of attracting, engaging, and retaining the best talent. When companies get this right, they dominate their markets. If they get it wrong, they struggle, and the simple fact is poor leadership is the cause. This Leadership Confidence Index 2022 shows us how boards, CEOs and other executives see their own leadership effectiveness as a team.

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