Changing leadership & understanding the Great Resignation

06 Dec 2022

Changing leadership & understanding the Great Resignation

Our latest whitepaper following our recent roundtable which brought together CEO's to discuss 'Confidence in Business Leadership to Navigate Disruption'.

It is only in complexity & uncertainty that true leadership capability shines through. How a leader drives clear, quick decision-making reinforces the team’s confidence in them. Most organisations have stood by their employees, with employee well-being becoming the central focus. 

If there is a perceived increase in confidence in leaders, why has quiet quitting or the great resignation become a harsh reality?

During a roundtable, Odgers Berndtson brought together CEOs from different industries to talk about ‘Confidence in Business Leadership to Navigate Disruption.’

The white paper below captures all the important points that came out through the discussion.

Some of the key points covered in this paper are:

  • The authoritarian leadership style is out. The CEO can no longer be perceived as sitting in a glass house and directing people.
  • Employees are grateful for the trust & empathy shown by leaders in these trying times, but ultimately employees want to focus on what is best for their future. They have had time to consider what gratifies their personal ambition the most.
  • The war for talent continues for leaders. Creating enabling systems whereby each stakeholder feels personally responsible for the success of their piece of the process can ensure better talent retention.
  • Change is the only constant. CEOs will continue to operate in a world of unknowns.
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Changing leadership & understanding the Great Resignation

Despite an increase in confidence in leaders, quiet quitting and the 'Great Resignation' are dominating the workforce. Download our whitepaper covering key points from our latest roundtable with CEOs from various industries to find out more.


We want to extend our thanks to the following CEOs for joining us at the roundtable and giving their valuable contribution to this paper:

*in alphabetical order

The roundtable discussion establishes that the authenticity of leaders has clearly been visible in these trying times. If the CEO is seen as a good leader, the organisation gets better engagement. The best minds want to join the company and work together with the leader. Creating a positive, inclusive and flexible work environment that supports the employee journey can go a long way in talent retention.

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