This edition of OBSERVE is all about the importance of corporate culture. Culture can, research tells us, drive competitor advantage, and even a nearly 20% increase in operating income and an almost 30% jump in earnings growth.

But how do you create a supportive culture, where everyone is free to express themselves and feel they are contributing to the common good? All without being, dare we say, cultish?

In this Observe, we roam from Russia to Australia, Canada to China, Germany to India, and beyond. The result is some truly global answers to the big question: ‘how do you do great culture?’


There’s a lot going on in this edition of Observe, and here’s a selection of the subjects we cover:

This is just a taste of the latest issue of Observe. There’s plenty more in an examination of business and organisational culture that brings the issue to life with interviews, insights and in-depth analysis.

We hope you enjoy our look at a subject that seems to grow more important with every passing day as companies compete for the best talent. And please join the debate on our Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter channels. #corporateculture

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Daniel Nerlich

Daniel Nerlich has been working for Odgers Berndtson since 2011 and specializes in placing executives and experts in key positions in Business & Professional Services, and in the Industrial and Tec...



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