What will make you a great Chief Human Resources Officer?

21 Jul 2020

What will make you a great Chief Human Resources Officer?

Our guide explains what it takes to succeed as a CHRO, one of an organisation’s most critical leadership positions, both today and in the future.

Today, CHROs are often part of the core leadership triumvirate, alongside the CEO and CFO.

Of course, this modernisation of the role is happening at a different pace in different sectors and markets. Some are more traditional, others are more ambitious for the contribution of the CHRO.  

But whatever the pace of change, it is in the same direction. It leads to CHROs sitting at the heart of strategic decision-making as a key advisor to the CEO, the Executive Team and the Board.


The evolving CHRO

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CHROs are immensely important in times of transition and change.

As the recent crisis has highlighted, our guide emphasises that no matter what the title, senior HR leadership roles play a critical part in delivering the business strategy and driving value for colleagues and shareholders alike.

This guide outlines the skills and characteristics which today’s CHRO/CPO/CEEO must demonstrate. To do this, we have drawn on our clients’ evolving expectations and analysed market trends across our global network.

Part of the Odgers Berndtson Executive Search ‘Role Models’ series of guides, we also hear the insights and experiences of accomplished executive search consultants across the Odgers Berndtson global network. All of them specialise in CHRO appointments with some of the world’s leading organisations.

Our Chief Human Resources Officer guide covers the following issues:

CHRO as strategic decision-maker

How CHROs use an internal and external lens to formulate and communicate a people strategy which is aligned to the business strategy.

CHRO as a courageous advisor

Telling truth to the CEO and creating the ‘glue’ which pulls the senior team together.  

CHRO as an ambassador of the corporate culture

The importance of Inclusion & Diversity in building a successful organisation and staying in tune with the impact on the environment and stakeholder communities.

CHRO as data-enabled leader

Using people analytics software and online platforms to help the HR function track accountability, performance and engagement. 

Influence and boardroom accountability

During the COVID 19 crisis and beyond, how CHROs continue to be key partners in setting company strategy and business resumption plans.

Multi-generational, multi-constituency mindset

Dealing with the growing gap in mindset between seasoned and newly-minted members of the workforce. 

Managing through disruption

Facing an unprecedented amount of ambiguity, fluidity and disruption in markets, customers, workforces and technological environments. 

Standing out as a CHRO candidate

A candidate can put their best foot forward by cultivating and highlighting three key areas of competence and experience.

Unconventional career paths

Why career paths into the CHRO role are becoming more diverse in a variety of ways.

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