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Odgers Berndtson was founded in Europe in 1965. We provide human resources consulting services related to recruitment and leadership assessment to meet the needs of client companies at more than 60 locations in 32 countries around the world.

Since our Tokyo office was opened in 1991, we have been developing human resources consulting business with a focus on executives. Consultants with extensive human resources search experience in their respective specialised fields will be in charge of the entire process, from consulting to recruitment, in accordance with a company's human resource needs.

Trade name

 Odgers Berndtson

Trade name

 Braithwaite Steiner Pretty Japan Co.

Paid employment agency license number



6F Marunouchi Mitsui Bldg, 2-2-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005 Japan



Head office location

20 Cannon Street, London
EC4M 6XD United Kingdom

Number of employees

Total of 700 employees across all locations (including 250 consultants)

Business summary

Executive search
Outside director search
Leadership assessment




Why choose Odgers Berndtson?

Ability to handle a wide variety of projects

Our company has been involved in executive search for companies of various industries and sizes, from executives at major companies to executives at start-ups.

Acquiring human resources for overseas expansion

Through our global network, we have helped many foreign companies enter and expand the Japanese market, Japanese companies expand overseas and hire local executives around the world. For such cross-border projects, by working closely with consultants at Odgers Berndtson's locations around the world, we are able to introduce world-class human resources both domestically and internationally.

Discovering global talent

Our strength is in discovering human resources from within Japan and overseas who have a rich international sense and can play an active role globally.

Multicultural and skilled search consultants

All consultants in our Tokyo office have many years of experience in searching for talent in multicultural environments and have extensive connections in various industries. In-depth knowledge of the industry in which you work is extremely important in understanding the needs of client companies, but at the same time, extensive executive search experience is an essential prerequisite for conducting the recruitment process efficiently and reliably.

Leadership Assessment

We help discover and develop talented leaders and contribute to organisational innovation and growth. We evaluate executives and their teams using our proprietary LeaderFit™ model to determine their current capabilities and future potential. We also provide leadership development solutions tailored to an organisation's unique business and culture.

Odgers Berndtson provides "white papers'' that provide insight from various angles on important organisational issues that top management faces. We would like to introduce a white paper that deciphers the current state of corporate management and leadership, with a global sensibility and a local perspective.

Executive search process

Step 1: Hearing

A dedicated consultant understands the client company's corporate culture, current issues, and future goals, and clarifies the human resources needed. A deep understanding of the client company and its business/organization from the early stages of the search is an essential element for successfully completing the search. After determining a search strategy based on this understanding and knowledge, we will create our search proposal.

Step 2: Position Overview

We create a summary document that summarizes the client company and specific position roles, scope of responsibilities, requirements, etc. After the content has been approved by the client company, it will be used to represent the content and attractiveness of the position to prospective candidates. This also confirms our understanding of the search project.

Step 3: Start search

We research potential candidates, focusing on the industry and specific company you're searching for, and start approaching them directly. The consultant will introduce the position to the candidate during the interview and also assess the candidate's interest and suitability for the position.

Step 4: Search progress

After the search begins, we regularly report progress to the client company and maintain close communication throughout the search project.

Step 5: Reference check with final candidates

Submit a detailed report on candidates and set up interviews with client companies.

For the candidates finally selected by the client, we conduct reference checks with people who are familiar with their personality, work style, etc., and report the results.

Step 6: Support for the conclusion of the employment contract

We provide support until the conclusion of an employment contract, including negotiating with final candidates regarding employment conditions, providing advice, and notifying them of offers.

Step 7: Continuous follow-up

We provide follow-up support to those who have made the hiring decision to ensure smooth and prompt job change procedures, and to client companies to ensure smooth acceptance of those who have made the hiring decision. Furthermore, even after joining the company, consultants regularly contact both the hiring company and the person making the hiring decision to support the new hire's smooth start.

Tokyo Office consultant introduction

A comprehensive approach that includes selecting the most suitable leader, strengthening the management team, and searching for a CEO successor is essential for the continued growth of a company. Approximately 250 consultants work in more than 60 locations around the world, providing human resources consulting while working face-to-face with top-class executives. We aim to provide valuable consulting services to client companies by collaborating with domestic and international consultants.

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