Leadership is being challenged like never before

18 Mar 2019

Leadership is being challenged like never before

Company cultures formed in previous times need urgent change to keep pace with new realities. As our new book explains, senior leaders have to embody that evolution.

For senior leaders today, the challenges are multiple. They have to lead humbly and communicate their message in new ways that resonate with web-savvy employee teams. Encouraging risk-taking is part of their remit too, but that is never easy in companies clinging to long-obsolete models of success. 


What’s it like to operate in this sped-up environment? APAC provides a strong picture of the forces that are spreading globally. Odgers Berndtson interviewed 70 APAC leaders, face-to-face, of big-name, highly-successful global companies, across multiple industry sectors. They have combined revenue estimated at over a trillion dollars.

There were also a handful of CEOs of global companies, who had moved their HQ’s to Asia.

The results made fascinating reading, and we’ve gathered them into a new book called ‘Leadership, Disrupted’. For more detail about the blur of change hitting business and challenging its leaders, and what to do about it, read it now.


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Effective Leadership demands a different mindset.

Smart people thrive on complexity, but today it’s on a whole different level. A whole new reality. Like flying a helicopter, for the first time, with nothing but a good guess at which buttons to press and levers to pull. Being smart is no longer enough. Nor is having the right skills. Today’s world requires a completely different mindset.

“The biggest challenge is the mindset change. People are comfortable when things are defined. You need to set up separate cells, so they can find new ways of doing things.”

“Traditional thinking will not work.”

“The command and control CEO – those days are done. Younger people do not relate.”

Ready. Or not?

What kind of person can cope with this leadership challenge? Where can you find them? How can you predict if they will cope?

The Odgers Berndtson LeaderFit™ Model and Profile is designed to identify the leaders able to thrive in a world of disruption, complexity and uncertainty. If you or your organisation is struggling with finding the talent to take you forward, speak to us about how we can help you find the right people with the right mindset:

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