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Like every business challenge, you need to understand your current situation in order to plan where you want to go, how to get there and who is accountable for delivering these objectives.

Ensuring equality and diversity in the workplace is no different.

We understand Diversity, Equity and Inclusion targets and quotas are not for every organisation, however, they are key to measuring the results and impact of your actions. We can help you:

- Understand the in, up and out. Who is flowing in (your recruitment strategy), who is flowing up (your talent management strategy) and out (your inclusive culture) of your business? This identifies the talent blockages and leakages and how laser focused action can mitigate unconscious bias.

- Understand the 'why'? Through the creation of a bespoke business case for DE&I within your firm, this engages your workforce on why DE&I is important as they can see the direct business benefits.

- Performance management. We carry out performance management heatmaps across the entire business to assess if and where behavioural unconscious bias is taking place to enable equitable and fair calibration of performance for all.

- Track progress. Actions are monitored through the entire value chain of the organisation, including suppliers, consumers, stakeholders, community as well as the workforce and workplace.

- Be accountable for progress. We help you make clear commitments regarding the shape of your future workforce and offer predictive and prescriptive analytics, highlighting the specific actions that need to be taken to achieve these goals.


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