Agile methods already widely used

06 Feb 2019

Agile methods already widely used

New Manager Barometer by Odgers Berndtson shows high approval ratings for the still young leadership principle

Agile management meets with great approval among executives in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as the current Manager Barometer 2018/2019 of the international recruitment consultancy Odgers Berndtson revealed.

Around three-quarters of the 2,460 participating managers consider leadership methods of "agile leadership", which has been included in German-speaking executive boards for only a few years, as positive and meaningful. Nearly 60 percent of managers also confirm that agile methods are already in use in their organization.

While 73 percent of managers in the D-A-CH area consider agile management to be meaningful and positive, 25 percent see the leadership principle as having mixed feelings, and two percent reject it.

56 percent of participants confirm that their company already uses agile management methods - in some areas of the company (25 percent), in their own area of ​​responsibility (23 percent), or even in the entire company (eight percent). Another 18 percent of managers assume that agility will play a greater role in their company in the future.

On the Methodology of the Manager Barometer

Odgers Berndtson polls annually his executive panel, which includes executives of companies of all industries and size classes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The goal of the annual survey, conducted by Odgers Berndtson for the eighth time online and anonymously, is to identify what motivates managers, what motivates them to continue their careers, what they are ready for and what they are not.

The survey, which is one of the most comprehensive surveys of executives in German-speaking countries, provides important insights into attitudes and motivations in German-speaking management. The Manager Barometer 2018/2019 was attended by 2,460 managers.

Full results of the 2018/2019 Manager Barometer are available for download at You can also request the PDF version of the study at