Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa - the so-called BRICS nations.

Why do we create these seemingly useful acronyms? Is it really appropriate to continue to combine them under one banner? And what are the talent challenges in each nation? Our in depth analysis of each of the BRICS countries provides some timely answers.

This issue of Observe – the eighth since we began publishing more than two years ago – exemplifies everything we set out to do.

To be truly global in our coverage and to ask tough questions about issues which affect the C-suite world wide.

For example, we look at the human capital challenges affecting those looking to do business in an emerging Iran following the ending of sanctions.

Anyone remotely interested in what the opportunities - and risks - are in trading with the second largest economy in the Middle East (after Saudi Arabia) should read our analysis.

We also look at the rising trend for independent consulting, so-called ‘womenomics’ in Japan, talent challenges in the energy sector, digital money and life beyond the MBA.

On a slightly lighter note we look at the development of ‘C’ titles in recent years.

There have been (and still are) some extraordinary job titles around such as Chief Amazement Officer, Chief Happiness Officer and Chief People Officer.

As ever, we welcome your thoughts and opinions about the diverse coverage in this issue of Observe, so please do let us know by using one of the social media channels listed below.

Carl Lovas

Chairman, Odgers Berndtson, Canada

Observe Magazine | Issue 08  - BRICS

BRICS Talent Survey

Brazil  Russia  India  China  South Africa



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