Odgers Berndtson sponsors TEDx Cambridge University

02 Feb 2018

Odgers Berndtson sponsors TEDx Cambridge University

Odgers Berndtson is the Gold sponsor of the 17th March event which brings together inspiring speakers and a student audience for one day of ideas, imagination and discussion.

This year’s theme is ‘X and Why’, underlining the power and importance of asking the simple, but profound question ‘why?’

Deeper questions

Through this theme, TEDxCambridge aims to uncover what aspects of our everyday thinking we take for granted. Are there deeper questions lurking behind the answers we hold? Is a little curiosity a dangerous thing? Can a restless disregard for the status quo allow us to subvert established thinking and discover better solutions to the problems we face?

Asking why

 “As an executive search firm, we’re always looking for future leaders capable of innovative thinking, for our clients mainly, but for ourselves too. This is the perfect forum for that, especially with this year’s theme.

“Many of our clients are wrestling with the questions thrown up by the rise of new technologies, changes in the workplace and demand for skills, and asking ‘why’ is always part of the process.

“We are delighted to be involved with TEDx at Cambridge University. Especially when we saw the subjects that the speakers would be addressing,” explains Mike Drew, Partner and Head of Odgers Berndtson Technology Practice.

Subjects on the day will include artificial intelligence, women in engineering and economics, genetics, and young leadership. Cancer detection and autism will also be addressed in the unique format where speakers have up to 18 minutes to bring new ideas and their unique point of view to life.

“Cambridge students are a powerful engine for innovation and change. We have a long and close working relationship with the University built up over many years, so are delighted to support TEDxCambridge 2018 with its fascinating programme,” commented Alex Acland, head of Odgers Berndtson Education Practice.

Graduate opportunities

 “Our graduate programme and summer internships are an important way to find the best, young graduate talent for Odgers Berndtson,” added Chris Bollinghaus, COO, Odgers Berndtson UK.

“We’re also particularly delighted that it was ex-intern Amos Fong, a co-organiser of TEDxCambridge, who alerted us to such a thought-provoking day. Amos spent last summer with Odgers Berndtson in London in our Technology Practice.”

“This event is also a fitting complement to our global CEO for a Day programme where graduates spend a day shadowing the CEOs of leading companies, bridging the gap between business and emerging leadership talent.”

TEDxCambridgeUniversity takes place on Saturday 17th March and you can find all details about it here.

You can find more information about Odgers Berndtson’s graduate and intern programmes by emailing graduates@odgersberndtson.com or look out for us at the event on 17th March.