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Why this is a good time to accelerate your career as a female leader.

Despite the disruption wrought by COVID, our new programme can offer a valuable next step in your development.

It is no secret that this pandemic disrupted the workplace in ways we’ve never seen before.

Career progress for many has been derailed as the landscape changed. For women, the evidence is that the pressures brought on by the lockdown were even greater.

Juggling work with home life has always been an issue and potential career brake. But as schools closed, there was the extra 24/7 pressure of caring for children, and their home schooling and welfare. All whilst managing a dramatically-increased workload and general economic insecurity.

Higher levels of stress, anxiety and burn-out were, and continue to be, not uncommon. Unsurprisingly, some women have already chosen to downshift or have left the workforce completely.

The greater risk is that the progress of women through to the higher rungs of leadership made over the past decade might be lost.

On a positive note, HBR Analytic Services observes that the women who do well through this crisis might well be the ones to set the bar for the whole notion of woman leaders. They might even redefine what ‘good leadership’ looks like for decades to come.

But even the most ambitious women will recognise the challenge of thriving in highly-disrupted times and doing so in a male-defined world.

Leaning into disruption

Even before the pandemic, we had uncovered just how unprepared leaders of both sexes were for a world of disruption. In fact, only 15% of senior leaders had the confidence of their organisations.

Another key finding was that the successful leaders that emerged had a mind-set that leaned into disruption and welcomed challenge.

That challenging mindset can be applied to careers right now, both to yourself and the organisation you work for.

A time for honest challenges

Firstly, challenge yourself about your current position.

Ask a few questions:

Am I in the right organisation?  Is it committed to my career as a woman?  Are there clear career pathways, genuine mentors and significant role models?

Am I part of an inclusive culture that truly values women and aligns with my values?

Has COVID-19 amplified shortcomings in this regard?

Honest answers will determine your next move.

Is it time to accelerate your career?

On a personal level, the challenge is clear: am I equipped with all the necessary resources to succeed as a woman in my chosen career? Chances are, the answer is no.

So, how do you develop your own personal competitive edge to succeed in a competitive corporate environment?

How do you hone the behaviours, habits and skills to allow you to show up with confidence, build an intentional career and develop a mindset that sets you up for success?

Supporting women to progress in leadership

At Odgers Berndtson, we know how difficult it can be for women to progress in leadership roles, especially now.

That’s why we created the Emerging Female Leaders Community of Practice. It brings together women at senior manager, C-suite and Board level to mentor, coach and  support each other as they progress their careers.

Building on that supportive network, we now offer an exclusive coaching programme.

The Odgers Berndtson Female Leaders Accelerator Programme will:

  • Strengthen your presence and impact to always be your most powerful and confident self.
  • Address self-limiting beliefs to powerfully negotiate your worth and your career on your terms.
  • Set you on course to build an intentional career that is aligned to your values and the legacy you want to leave in the world.

This is an online program, delivered to you in the comfort of your home, supported by group and individual coaching sessions. We understand that flexibility is of the utmost importance and the programme reflects this.

To find out more, get in touch now.

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