New OBSERVE magazine examines the power of corporate culture

04 Jun 2019

New OBSERVE magazine examines the power of corporate culture

The 17th edition of Odgers Berndtson’s global magazine is coming soon.

How do you rate your organisation’s corporate culture? Is it supportive, where everyone has freedom of expression and can feel they are contributing to the common good? Or is it less good for everyone - even, dare we say, cultish?

At Odgers Berndtson, we believe that creating the right culture - one that is inclusive, representative and, above all, achievable - can turn an ordinary organisation into a world-beating one.

When your culture is based on a freer and more inclusive process – which is supported by the board and executive and is flexible and regularly reviewed – it can be liberating for everyone.

It can also, research tells us, drive competitor advantage, and even a nearly 20% increase in operating income and nearly 30% jump in earnings growth.

Of course, no single culture fits all. Every organisation is different and must create, and then refine over time, the culture that suits its business, its sector, its employees and its outward-facing persona.

In this edition of OBSERVE, we dive into that diversity to try and answer the big question: ‘How do you achieve a great culture?’

Culture, change and contemporary dance

OBSERVE 17 ranges from the board’s responsibility for culture to the CEO’s role in modelling it, from cultural changes in the mining sector to how to recruit for culture ‘add’, not’ fit’. Plus, we have some stand-out case studies of people getting it right, a number of challenges for AI, and a strong argument for rethinking diversity.

We even look at how a world-renowned contemporary dancer brings a refreshing angle to risk-taking, team building and people management.

If you believe that great culture is at the heart of every business, then this issue of OBSERVE is certainly worth signing up for.


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