Changing the game in Ireland

20 Dec 2017

Changing the game in Ireland

There is little doubt that the business landscape in Ireland has changed notably in the last ten years. In response, the process of finding the talent to lead Irish businesses has altered too.

Technology is the obvious influence driving change in every conceivable area of contemporary business.

Communication, analysis, relationships, processes, it has ripped up the rule-book and put the consumer in the driving seat. Relationships between employers and their workforce have changed dramatically too, softening the boundaries of the working environment and working day, not always positively.

Post-recession banking regulation has altered the nature of risk-taking has changed and demanded the financial underpinnings to survive through longer periods of stress. Tech-savvy newbies with their closer understanding of customers’ needs have taken over the movement of money, grabbing market share.

Moving on

Through all this constant pulse of change, recruitment of executives in Ireland has also moved on.

The banking crisis led to the appointment of a number of executives from overseas to senior positions. This, in turn, brought a new recruitment culture. Used to the practices of the ‘big six’ global companies, these new executives continued their top-tier head hunting relationships and widened the awareness - locally and beyond these shores - that the Irish market warranted a more sophisticated approach to finding talent.

A new expectation was born: nothing less than a fully-integrated, global search facility would satisfy our clients’ needs. Irish companies are ambitious and competitive. They want to know that their precise needs for new leaders are fully understood and matched with exceptional and precisely-suited people, chosen from a wide range of options.

Stepping up

Recognising this, Odgers Berndtson was the next logical step. Now in its sixth decade as an executive search firm and with offices in all major global hubs, we felt that their depth of experience, expertise and connection was exactly what the Irish executive market was looking for.

Each one of our team is thrilled and excited to be part of a culture of talent discovery that is highly specialised and backed by full integration into a global knowledge bank.

For our clients and candidates, there are many benefits to being part of an organisation that’s big in big markets. For one, segmentation into specialised practice groups allows us a new level of precision and sector insight, facilitated by advanced research capabilities.

A global network of 58 offices in 29 countries means our advice can now draw on a diversity of experience, knowledge and contacts across the world, in almost every sector.

Integration into a massive database of global talent allows us to identify talent far from these shores, whilst Odgers Berndtson’s leadership services can help boost the performance of leaders and boards alike.

We are looking forward to adding to Odgers and Berndtson’s reputation as custodians of our clients’ reputations, producing the leaders to pioneer a new future for Ireland.

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