Board-level limitations revealed by top-level Danish CEO survey

16 May 2018

Board-level limitations revealed by top-level Danish CEO survey

As boardroom workloads continue to increase, how many board members are fully productive, and just how long does the average CEO have to make a difference?

The 2017 Odgers Berndtson Annual CEO survey in Denmark answers these questions and sheds light on several other pressing matters.

As it does every year, the 10th annual survey of top Danish CEOs looked for answers in three main areas.

How did CEOs see the economic future, and how well-prepared were they for a downturn? Did they think they have the people and talent to prosper, both in the short, and the longer term? And just how competent did they rate current Board members, including themselves?

Future challenges

CEOs had an overwhelmingly positive view on future growth, with the prospects of a downturn pushed back by a year, compared to the previous survey.

For many CEOs, digital transformation offers a real prospect for gains. However, the challenge of attracting and retaining the right talent is growing increasingly difficult. And there is a real lack of depth in their current talent pools.

Finally, CEOs identified that their own contribution peaks after roughly five years. Turning to their fellow board members, fully 64% of CEOs agree that their Boards were carrying members who were not making a sufficient contribution.

Results first

This latest survey confirms Odgers Berndtson’s observations over the past decade that in order for a C-Suite executive to succeed, the ability to execute on strategy and deliver results remains the most important criteria when recruiting a new member of the Executive Management team.

Full picture

If you want to read the full survey with a great deal more detail on the subjects above, analyse other key business leadership topics and discover what Denmark’s top CEOs are thinking:

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