Artificial Intelligence - what problems can it solve?

29 Jun 2017

Artificial Intelligence - what problems can it solve?

“We are in the business of solving the really hard problems”

So said Shanker Trevedi, SVP Enterprise Business for the tech giant NVIDIA when he opened a day of captivating presentations hosted at Odgers Berndtson’s London office this week. The event was a showcase of disruptive start-ups innovating through AI and deep learning to tackle problems in the healthcare sector.

Over the course of the day, it became increasingly clear that harnessing the power of AI can help those working in medicine and life sciences, and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.

We heard from a start-up using birth simulation to provide parents and clinicians with the information to ensure easier and safer births, another aimed to make the diagnoses of cancer faster, easier, cheaper and more accurate. One, which uses moving and static image recognition and analysis for a variety of healthcare applications and finally a start-up empowering scientists with greater data analysis tools.

Watch our video to find out how Odgers Berndtson and NVIDIA are partnering on the Inception Programme

Each of these start-ups is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception Connect Programme, which Odgers Berndtson proudly supports. The programme aims to take start-ups using NVIDIA technology and machine learning to the next level of their success. Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with Inception Connect to expose this innovation to new audiences.

Our partnership is an extension of the work we have done in helping NVIDIA with multiple strategic hires in both Europe and Asia Pacific. We regularly speak to business leaders who wish to remain ahead of the curve by discovering new AI solutions. Our support of the Inception Connect programme allows us to showcase those AI start-ups to our network and crucially, new markets.

Those that follow the development of this technology will be aware that we are only at the beginning and that AI has wide ranging applications across all verticals.

Our AI in Healthcare event took place on Monday 26th June. Today, 29th June, Odgers Berndtson in Germany co-hosts another Inception Connect event, this time showcasing how AI is disrupting the industrial sector. Later this year, we will hold a second event in London, focusing on how deep learning will impact cyber security.

So, what problem do you need deep learning to solve? You might find the answer at one of our co-hosted Inception Connect events.

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