Skillsets para Cadeia de Abastecimento e Recrutamento com Lucy Harding

04 out 2022

Skillsets para Cadeia de Abastecimento e Recrutamento com Lucy Harding

Como é que a desglobalização está a afectar a cadeia de abastecimento e o processo de aprovisionamento?

In this interview, Lucy Harding, Partner and Head of the Supply Chain and Procurement Practice, shares her perspective on the climate within the supply chain and procurement industry and how the skill set and requirements for leaders have changed over the past two and a half years.

She gives some insight as to what highly skilled leaders are doing to meet the challenges of deglobalisation, as outlined her previous Observe piece: Deglobalisation and the C-Suite: The Impact on Leadership Acquisition.

Over the last few years, supply chain leaders have had to deal with multiple crises, from Brexit to the pandemic and global shipping challenges.

Leaders are now facing inflation, rising energy prices, and increased commodity prices due to shortages.

Lucy highlights how crucial resilience and credibility are for leaders in today’s volatile climate, many of whom haven’t dealt with an inflation cycle such as the one we are currently facing.

"Planning for your organisation will be vital in mitigating the evolving risks." Lucy advises. "It’s really about understanding the risks to the supply chain and de-risking where you can in terms of moving and creating new sources of supply."

"Ensure you have a really strong risk management strategy and great data and visibility, so you have early warnings to manage the risk."

The full interview is available below:

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