Leading through the COVID-19 crisis

16 abr 2020

Leading through the COVID-19 crisis

In times of crisis, leaders have to adapt their priorities and behaviours to a new context, full of uncertainty, pressure and even fear.

It takes great leadership to make meaningful change and to face up to significant disruption.

However, a global study, conducted by Odgers Berndtson in partnership with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, revealed that 85% of the senior executives who participated lacked confidence in their leaders to manage successfully through disruption or significant change.

We now have a unique opportunity to prove them wrong. But to do so requires huge changes in the way each one of us, as a leader, takes the lead. 

To help our clients on this journey – and all those who strive to make a difference – we developed a simple and pragmatic framework to help them succeed in the face of disruption.

Our Leadership Model will help you to: 

  • Understand what meaningful leadership is all about 
  • Clarify the drivers and barriers of the current crisis context 
  • Recommend practical actions to drive change during the crisis  
  • Identify key derailers under pressure and guidelines to self-management

We hope this framework will help leaders better manage this crisis by inspiring and increasing the confidence of their teams, clients and partners. 

We invite you to download the paper and take action.

Because, more than ever, it is time for leaders at all organisational levels to take the lead.


Leading through a crisis

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