How business leaders can face up to their most disruptive challenge yet

16 abr 2020

How business leaders can face up to their most disruptive challenge yet

Although our Leadership Confidence Index uncovered a lack of confidence in business leaders, it also offers valuable lessons in how leaders can successfully face disruption.

The recent Odgers Berndtson Leadership Confidence Index makes it clear that there is a crisis of confidence regarding our business leaders.

Only 15% of senior executives, across geographies and sectors, are confident that their leadership team is fit to lead through future disruption.

Global Business Confidence Index  

Our study, developed with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, surveyed nearly 2,000 global executives and senior managers, representing companies with revenues ranging from $50 million to over $5 billion.

While the results may be worrying, they also provide valuable insight into the leadership and organisational characteristics enabling some companies to face these challenges successfully.

Until a few weeks ago, it was already clear that it is time to act and to embrace the change.

Unfortunately, today the COVID-19 crisis demonstrates that many of the conclusions of our study are becoming even more relevant.

The report aims to provide leaders with clear answers around three critical questions:

  • What is behind the lack of confidence in today’s leaders? 
  • What are confident companies doing differently? 
  • What are the key priorities to prepare for disruption?  

At Odgers Berndtson, we strive to contribute our share to our clients’ and partners’ success. We are certain that the insights in this report can be a valuable input for you and your organisation’s future. Especially in times like these. 


Odgers Berndtson Leadership Confidence Index

Disruption: overcoming leadership's crisis of confidence.

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