Welcome to OBSERVE Magazine Issue 18

08 oct. 2019

Welcome to OBSERVE Magazine Issue 18

The 18th edition of Odgers Berndtson’s global magazine is here. And firmly focused on sustainability.

Is this the most important edition of Observe magazine ever? Certainly, there has never been a global challenge quite on the scale of the current climate emergency.

It is predicted to leave no person, business or organisation unaffected.

The race to decarbonise the world economy is on, and building a sustainable future is everyone’s responsibility.

Business is, in many cases, taking a leading role. In this special issue of Observe, we examine what’s happening across the globe, across industries, in the boardroom and in marginalised communities. And, of course, the leadership required to make progress on this vital subject.


There’s a lot going on in this edition of Observe. Here’s a selection of the question we answer:

It wouldn’t be overstating the case to say this sustainability issue of Observe magazine is our most important one ever. We hope you agree and enjoy the result.

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