Odgers Berndtson expands global leadership platform across Canada

10 Dec 2013

Odgers Berndtson expands global leadership platform across Canada

Completes move from independently-owned model

Odgers Berndtson announced today that the company is completing its move to a centrally-owned and fully-integrated business, serving clients in every region of Canada. This change is part of Odgers Berndtson’s worldwide strategy to provide clients with deeper sector expertise in an integrated team model with a truly global approach to talent. Odgers Berndtson will be opening a new Vancouver office this month, and will open additional offices in 2014.

As part of its global integration strategy, Odgers Berndtson has reacquired the licenses for the Odgers Berndtson brand in Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa – the remaining markets where it did not own its operations. The former Odgers Berndtson licensees in these cities have joined a network of independently-owned offices and will no longer be representing the company.

“Our move to a centrally-owned model is key to taking an integrated approach to talent management in all markets,” says Carl Lovas, Canadian Chairman of Odgers Berndtson. “Search is just one of the ways we support our clients to find and develop top talent at the leadership level. Leadership Assessment and Interim Management have increasingly become critical to strengthening executive teams and to enable better succession planning. Our Interim business has doubled in Canada in the last 18 months and we see the need for on-demand executive talent continuing to explode.”

Another key industry trend driving the company’s move away from independent, licensed ownership in Canada is the importance of providing Canadian organizations with a deep sector approach to search.

“When you are a regionally-owned business you tend to have a lot of generalists serving the market – partners who do search in a variety of different industries,” said Mr. Lovas. “Our new business model allows us to extend our specialist approach to these markets – partners and teams who focus by industry and who are intimately connected with the top talent in their respective areas in Canada and globally.”

As a result, the company will be staffing its new offices very differently – recruiting partners who have the right sector experience for the market. The new Vancouver office is a prime example. “In Vancouver we will focus on education, mining, healthcare and technology – all key to the B.C. market,” said Mr. Lovas.

Heading up the office will be Colleen Keenan, a National Practice Leader for the Education Sector at Odgers Berndtson who has spent a good portion of her career in Vancouver. Joining her will be Rosario María Astuvilca, who leads Odgers Berndtson’s Mining Practice in Canada, and Elaine Grotefeld, a Technology Sector specialist and formerly a Director at the Australian firm, Braithwaite Steiner Pretty (BSP). BSP was recently acquired by Odgers Berndtson, doubling the firm’s Asia-Pacific presence.

“We have been working towards a fully-integrated business in Canada for the past five years, and are looking forward to kicking off the New Year with this stage of our development completed,” said Mr. Lovas. “We believe this will result in a better, more seamless service for all of our clients. Focusing more on building deep industry knowledge will ensure that clients get the best team for their search, no matter where they are located in Canada.”