HR Leaders Forum Learnings

15 Sep 2020

HR Leaders Forum Learnings

How HR is shining! Best practices from Human Resources leaders during this time of employee change.

With the pandemic, it is Human Resources' time to shine. With a change to virtual work environments and additional focus on employee well-being from the imbalance that this may bring, HR has the opportunity to solidify their place as a key contributor in the C-suite leadership of an organization by creating an environment for employees to thrive.

Odgers Berndtson created an HR Leaders Forum that regularly brings together HR leaders from Northern and Southern California organizations - the center of technology, entertainment, media, and innovation. Many are companies that previously had some remote workers before companies turned to completely Work From Home (WFH). HR leaders shared ideas and best practices as they worked within their organizations to create a stable WFH environment, improve employee well-being, return to productivity, and re-open their offices.

We highlight learnings and best practices from these HR Leaders Forum discussions as companies move along a transformation curve to a new normal.

HR Leaders Forum Learnings | Sept 3, 2020

Remote workers may be here to stay. Orowa Sikder, CEO of The Network Lab, shares research on remote workers and best practices for overcoming the negative effects on organizational engagement, innovation, productivity, and inclusion. With awareness and leadership practices, organizations can improve the siloed networks, lack of cross-functional activity, and employees who become “invisible” – typically women and people of color – with remote work.

HR Leaders Forum Learnings | May 22, 2020

Companies are addressing employee burnout, considering Chief Wellness Officers, and establishing safe practices for returning to the office. Learn some of the best practices that HR leaders are adopting.

HR Leaders Forum Learnings | May 1, 2020

Companies are finding benefits of remote employees, supporting the mental health of employees, and starting to plan for returning to the office. Seventy-five percent of employees surveyed at one major company preferred a hybrid schedule of 2 days in the office and 3 days WFH. Summary of best practices for Post COVID-19 office planning, supporting employee mental health, and promoting happiness.

HR Leaders Forum Learnings | April 10, 2020

Companies have established infrastructure and routines for WFH employees. Work routines are changing to allow employees to balance family needs and well-being. Summary for promoting positivity, adapting to WFH, and becoming comfortable with video hiring.

HR Leaders Forum Learnings | March 26, 2020

Discussions of companies are going through the stages of WFH transition and managing work environments of essential employees who need to go into the office. Companies have the opportunity to be more innovative in how they approach work and stop doing things that are not essential. Summary of adapting to WFH, four golden rules for pandemic leadership, keeping employees engaged and silver linings of the pandemic.