Why change requires a new definition of leadership

18 Mar 2019

Why change requires a new definition of leadership

A world of ever-accelerating change puts new demands on leaders. But can you identify those who can cope?

Disruption in the business world is unprecedented. It’s impacting every organisation, driving complexity at every turn. It’s challenging leaders like never before. Even with the right skills, not everyone can lead effectively in such an uncertain world.

Our LeaderFit™ Model and Profile are designed to find the leaders able to thrive in a world of disruption, complexity and uncertainty.

It’s based on our interviews with 70 APAC leaders of multinationals that have given Odgers Berndtson an exclusive insight into the emerging leadership challenges of our new disrupted world.

More than skills or experience, we found that the key factor today is ‘mindset’.

As a result, we created our LeaderFit™ Model that describes the perspectives and capabilities of world-class leaders who are equipped to thrive and lead organisations with great success through disruptive times.

What makes a strong leader?

Research indicates that an executive’s performance derives from more than simply their past experience. Motivation and leadership competencies have significantly more impact.

However, up to half of the current leadership teams in APAC were hired for a skill-set that was relevant at the time, but not anymore.

What’s more, it’s commonly accepted that between 30–40% of executives are failing to deliver their mandate.

In addition, only 29% of current ‘high performers’ have the potential to be successful in new and different situations, whilst in contrast, 93% of those high potential leaders actually are high performers.


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Our LeaderFit™ benchmarking

The LeaderFit™ Model defines the critical competencies for performance and potential (i.e. stretch or agility) required to be successful in today’s demanding executive roles.

So, if you’re facing critical decisions on internal promotions, external hires or high potential identification, let us benchmark the individuals you have in mind against our LeaderFit™ Profile. The model brings a level of scientific clarity to the decision-making process by:

  • Providing greater insight into critical leadership behaviours.
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion objectives; creates a level playing field for all candidates.
  • Providing an objective ‘apple and apple’ view of candidates, irrespective of their career trajectory.
  • Providing the science that confirms your intuition and directs your further investigation.

The world of business has changed, the old approaches aren’t working. The new approach to executive search, including leadership profiling from Odgers Berndtson, will ensure you have the leadership equipped to deliver a transformation in performance at pace.

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